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Studio Combined is an intimate boutique studio in the heart of Darlinghurst. The classes – running from mat Pilates and Barre to Vinyasa, Yin and Sun flow yoga – are no more than ten per class, ensuring each class is personalised and tailored towards what you want and need. The studio, with its luxurious interior, is a secluded sanctuary for your body and mind.

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0413 450 364

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Yoga is an ancient practice that is designed to harmonise mind, body and breath. Through moving into different postures and using the breath to do so you’ll find strength in both mind and body on and off the mat.


Pilates provides a whole body work-out. It tones, lengthens and tightens your muscles, whilst focusing on your core. It’s great for improving posture and works wonders on the mind.


Barre is a low impact high intensity workout combining Pilates, Ballet and Cardio that is guaranteed to make you sweat. Barre focuses on toning, lengthening and sculpting your muscles.